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Happy New Year + Zentangles :)

Hello World!

I'm expecting the best things for this year, a lot of inspirations are already coming trough my mind and today I'm gonna show you one of them.
These days ago I was bored at  my work and suddenly I started to draw random patterns, when I had the ideia to google " doodlers, zentangles, sketches" and a lot of tutorials and references started to appear.

For who those do not know,  Zentangle are miniature pieces of unplanned, abstract, black and white art created trough a very specific method from an ensemble of simple, structured patterns, and this method Increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. ( I googled it! ;P)   They are different from the doodling, Zentangles do not contain recognizable objects and there is no “right side up”. The Zentangle Method is very focused and mindful, whereas doodling is generally something you do with your hands while your thoughts are occupied with something else. It’s easy to confuse the outcome of Zentangle with doodling, but they are quite different processes.

Today I'm gonna show you the steps to learn how to zentangle.

1- Relax and breathe deeply, bringing one’s attention to the process.
2- On the Zentangle tile, one lightly pencils a border and a string, a freeform shape into which one then draws intricate non-objective patterns called tangles, with deliberate intentional strokes. Additional shading can be added in pencil to create depth and drama. ( img. 1 )
3- Rulers, straight edges, or other mechanical aids are not used in Zentangle. It’s just you and your pen. ;)
4- Just do it!!!!

I do not know a lot about it, but I can assure you to look on http://tanglepatterns.com/I did my resources there and I love the site!

I hope you like this post.. And last I'm gonna left my Zentagle that I did on the last day of the year :B

Bi Zentangle

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