sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2014

My name is Bianca, 21, Brazilian, married, I believe in God besides anything in this world. I love my life, my husband, my family - whom I`m so far right now :(  -, photography, art, cooking and I just realized that I either love blogging.
I was just wondering, Why should I start to blogging? Questions like I am not a good writer or Do I have time enough for this?, always came pass trough my mind. Otherwise, since my 13, I`ve been reading a lot of blogs, watching a lot of vlogs, and being in love with this universe.- confession 1: I already tried a lot of blogs, guess what ? ...  
I`ve always wanted to be good in one thing, buuuuut, I can`t be just one thing, you know?! I`m the type of person who one day is happy, and another one is angry, and some days I love colorful things and another ones I just prefer black and white. ( no, I`m not bipolar). I just got the conclusion that I`m inspired by the environment. I love to see everything that goes around me, absolve them, put them in a mason jar ( jk)  and make something with that. Btw, I choose this name ~ What is your inspiration  ~ exactly because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT INSPIRE MYSELF MOST - dont get me wrong- ,  and with this blog, and all the stuff that I intend to post, I hope one day I can figure it out.

 The last thing that I want to say, and you guys probably are questioning yourselves: Why this girl write in english once She`s brazilian?  It`s complicated, but trust me.. I`m improving my second language so fast living in USA, and it is good for me to keep trying write in english without the translator - YEAH, I GOT IT :P
I hope all of the readers that accidentally or not come in my blog enjoy my posts and all the stuff. Please guys, let me know what is your inspiration, so we can discuss here :)

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